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Survival, PVP


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Brand new world! Towny SMP :)
Proximicraft is a brand new towny SMP server & community with big ambitions!

Overall we aim for a semi-vanilla survival experience without gamebreaking plugins.
No fyling, no creative building, no warping. You have to really work and earn to get what you want!

Our community guidelines should give you a good feeling about who we are and what we want:

Community-driven development
We strongly believe that the players know best what they want. No server owner nor admin/moderator should decide alone which features and mechanics we are implementing. Every player interested can get actively involved into the decision process of priorizing new features and should be able to participate in the development the way he wants to. We will therefore provide a platform which allows everyone to play an important role in our community!

Technical excellence
Providing a stable and secure server infrastructure is the very foundation of a minecraft server. The server owner is a professional cloud engineer with over 10 years of experience in building reliable software platforms for enterprise customers.
We host only on renowned cloud providers which allow us 100% full control over our server infrastructure and providing us with dedicated hardware. Automated backup mechanisms (and testing them) are as important as security hardening, high uptime and a lag-free experience.

Without commitment from the community and organic growth from within, our server can not thrive. We all are equally responsible for the success or failure of this endeavor.

We setup a small diamond-based economy. Money earned can be spent by trading with other players or by spending it in the towny plugin.
Towny allows you to found your own city / nation and share it with your friends!

So far the world is quite unclaimed, so now is the time to join this great endeavor!
Feel free to join our discord and have a chat with us! :)
(you can find the link on the server)


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