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Survival, PVP, Freebuild


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Empire of Blocks

IP: oder empire-of-blocks.de

Looking for a Minecraft freebuild server, where you can let your imagination run wild, without fear of griefers or trolls?
Then you've come to the right place! Empire of Blocks is a small freebuild server with RPG elements.
Whether alone or together with our land claim plugin, you can easily create your empire, without the need of a team member and without the fear of griefers. Thanks to our anti cheat plugin fair play and fun is guaranteed.
You don't need to be afraid of scammers either, our trading plugin guarantees safe item trading.

As soon as you are in the building world you can use the overview map (/map) to find a suitable place to build.
Once you have found a place to build you can create a land with/land create nameand use/land claimto expand your land. Of course you also need resources to build, you can find them in the farm world, which you can easily reach with the command/farmworld or/netherand/end

Our server has an ingame currency for trading between users. you get money through all kinds of activities like digging, fishing, mining etc. We also have an admin store where you can sell and buy all sorts of things.

Other ways to earn money are daily voting for the server and completing quests.

The server has rpg elements, you can complete quests and get cool rewards from them.

Completing quests gives you a reputation which gives you benefits from NPCs.

The server also offers some cool features to make the game more fun, such as automatic chest sorting, elevators, armor stands editor and invisible frames to build cool stuff.

Join Discord today and visit the server.

Website: https://empire-of-blocks.de/index.php
Server: mc.empire-of-blocks.de
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/AwksPSAWKB


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