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Survival, PVP, Freebuild, Keine Plugins (Vanilla)


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Insanecraft (Modded Survival)

Insanecraft Modded Survival  - 1.18.2

The server was created on the 30th of October 2021.
It's using Mojang Studio's vanilla software with all of the gaes native features.
Datapacks are used to add additional content like a themed dimension with custom structures and seasonal events.

Important: This server is protected by technical protective measures against client modifications that are supposed to give an unfair advantage in the game. The use of such modifications is prohibited and leads to immediate and permanent exclusion from the game.

Overworld beginnings: After joining for the first time you will spawn into a regular survival world. This is the only accessible world on the server, featuring multiple dimensions. You will spawn near a mine and the sea. Not far from you are two small forests where you can find wood. The ground below has an increased amount of ores. You can mine for resources there just by digging straight down.

Into the Nether: After you mined at least 10 blocks of obsidian with your diamond pickaxe you can open a portal into the blazing hot depths that is the Nether. You can find all vanilla Nether biomes from the 1.16 update there as well as Piglin bastions and Nether fortresses. Visit a warped forest and fight the enderman there and steal the blaze rods from the guardians of the fortress before you return to the overworld to find a stronghold.

The End?: If you found one of the strongholds and still have enough of those guiding items, place them in the indestructable frame to summon the portal to this final realm. If you manage to free the end you will receive a dragon egg and your name will be displayed in the scoreboard until Jean returns again.

Into the Icelands (deprecated): If you managed to get enought glowstone dust from the roof of the nether you will be able to build a portal frame and fill it with ice or water to open a portal into this chilling realm. Hoglins roam the land, except in the former deserts where piglins have build there towns in the ground, protected from the cold storms. In the mountains of this dry and unlived land you will find the remains of the travellers that visited when the water was still raised above ground level, but if you jump into the remaining ponds below you might not return alive.

Into the Uncharted (upcoming): Build a small water pond out of clay, throw a diamond in and hope for the best. With some luck you will open a portal into the uncharted and can jump right in. Although a bit of hesitation can be healthy, the uncharted dimension is dimly lit and features a lot of nasty monsters. Maybe you will still want to visit it to get a lot of resources that are hard to find in large amounts in the overworld. Good luck finding your way back up alive.

The server is still in development and might be unstable when interacting with certain custom content. In case of a crash the server will be fixed/rolled back and restarted within 12 hours.

A resource pack may be required to play on this server in the future. It will be downloaded automatically when joining for the first time after an update.
The server will always use the latest version of Minecraft.


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