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PlayWithFriendsHub ???? | 1.8.x ?? | pwfhub.club ????

A Minecraft Server.
?Website: pwfhub.com?
Discord: dc.pwfhub.club?
YouTube: yt.pwfhub.club?
Instagram: instagram.pwfhub.club?
Twitter: twitter.pwfhub.club?
TikTok: tiktok.pwfhub.club?
What is PWFHUB.club?
PWFHUB (PlayWithFriendsHub) is a new Minecraft network that tries to show every player a new way to play Minecraft. Because with the incredible game modes we offer, the fun will be even better, you can meet up with friends, meet new people or just have fun!

Are there any rules I have to follow?
We want only the best for each player, therefore there are also certain rules to which each player must adhere. These are: Insulting other players is forbidden - we want to treat each other with respect. No teams should be formed or it is clearly marked. Hacking is of course also strictly forbidden because that would be unfair to other players. Also when spamming or advertising we see black. Otherwise enjoy the game experience and stay nice to each other, thank you!

What game modes do we offer?
We want to make the game as fun as possible, so our content and development team sits down every day to come up with new ideas. We offer only self-designed modes and no others. These are:
1. LuckySumo - In this game mode, you start with a LuckyBlock that could be any number of things. After opening it, you'll be on a small platform that goes deep down to your death. But not if you survive! Enemies are also always there and in the Pvp it always depends on your luck, because you can get great items or negative! Try your luck yourself and play LuckySumo on pwfhub.club
2. Battle - In Battle, you're in an arena with other battle-loving players who want to win, but you're in control of the game, choosing between 30 crazy kits with which you'll have rad abilities or even transform into fictional characters. This way you'll surely manage to defeat all the players and collect a lot of coins.
3. MiningWar - In this mode you don't have it easy as a miner, other players want to steal your valuable ores! Never let this happen or be faster and mine them first, the better the ore the better the items you get, if you find good ores you are unbeatable!
4 - LevelUp - Have you ever felt the weightlessness? No? Then it's time! You are on planet X, here you have to play with other astronauts against the evil aliens with laser weapons. But be careful, some of them are stronger than you think! The glowing power-ups will help you in the fight, don't let them steal them!

Have fun and thanks for read!


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