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Survival, PVP, Freebuild


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All Around Minecraft

>>> All Around Minecraft <<< [1.16.5] Survival, Creative, PvP and Mini-Games!

All Around Minecraft

- simple minecraft server -

- no complicated setups & commands - 

survival world with community built dungeons -

- creative world with museum to show of your builds - 

- hard pvp survival world with stats, clans, homes and trackers -

- mini-games world coming very soon - 

- nice and friendly community -

- server events in the making - 

Join All Around Minecraft Server now on allaroundminecraft.apexmc.co !

All Around Minecraft is a simple server without complicated setup or commands you need to study. It consists of a spawn area from which you can go through portals into your desired world. The Survival World is a normal mode survival map without PvP or griefing, but with dungeons that were built by the community! The Creative World is a flat land freebuild world where you can build anywhere. Once finished you can call a mod and he will make a tp sign to your build in the museum and protect your area. The PvP World is hard mode survival with stats, clans, homes and trackers. A mini-games is under construction and will very soon be available. The community is very nice and friendly, toxic players will be punished immediately!

A lot of cool features are planned in the near future. The community always decides what will be added next. If the community doesn't want something, it is not going to be added. There are four little huts at spawn where you can give your feedback and dictate the direction the server goes. The mini-games world will be opened very soon!


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