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Survival, PVP, Freebuild


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OnionMC - Minecraft 1:1000 Earth

Hosting [Astroblock] [-]
You want to create **your own city** ? perhabs **your own nation** ? you want to be the leader of the whole wide world?!? Well, then come in!

on OnionMC you can create **your own city**, **your own nation** and concur the world on an **1:1000** scaled Earth!

## F.A.Q
* Is this a minigame server ?
    * No, this is not a minigame server! on this server you gotta
    build your own city/nation.
* Is this a Pay2Win server ?
    * No, this is not a pay2win server, we wont ever force our players to buy something just to win! However, certain features are Donators only to keep our server alive.
* Can i build a city?
    * Yes!
* Can i create a nation which will concur the whole world just for my pesents to bow towards me?
    * also Yes!
* How do i get in, do i have to pay?
    * No, just enter the IP `onionmc.eu` and join us!
* I'm a skid and want to ddos your server!!!111
    * Well, have fun with that one, we're willing to sue those who're willing to ddos our server!
* Do i want to join ?
    * Maybe ¯\\\_(?)\_/¯
* Where do i find the rules?
    * https://onionmc.eu/rules
* What plugins are you using ?
    * A mixture of self written and publicly available plugins
    * You can see all of our plugins by doing /pl
* How do i create a town?
    * /t new <name> HOWEVER it costs ingame $$$
* How about a nation?
    * /n new <name> HOWEVER it costs ingame $$$
* Will i be able to buy ingame money?
    * No

## Links
* Website: https://onionmc.eu
* Discord: https://onionmc.eu/discord

## ***So... what are you waiting for?! Hop in and be the leader of a new era!***



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