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Survival, PVP


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Sooo the rules are very simple:
You join the server and what you do as first is to get OP. How you get OP is very simple: You can hack you
OP or another Player gives you OP.
When you have OP then you start gonna destroy the world. When you have Hacks you will not get ban. If
the whitelist is on you must wait a few hours or you hack you into the

The player who can destroy the most will get Owner rank, that means you can do everything what you want. We will not punish you
if you destroy the whole Server. We can do the command /undo (ONLY
OWNER) if something very important will get destroy :3

If you have question ask the players that are online, they will help you if
something is wrong or something. We want to give every player the best
experience that they ever got. The server is mostly on and if the server
is off hack it, that it gets on. We usually speak german, but we can
also very goof speak English. So don't shame if you can't speak English
well, we cant also ;)

AND the first one who joins the Server will get an completely Netherite armorn and weapons with every enchantment
who ever exist. SO JOIN AND HAVE FUN with HACKING and other stuff.

We hope to see you soon on this wonderful server because the player are
the most important thing that we have. We have also a DC Server so if
you wanna join come first to the server and then we will you give the
link to our server. We hope to see very much of you guys and BYE See you
soon everyone i hope you all join my players and community.


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