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FreePvP freebuild Server gameserver
protections or claiming chunks is not possible here, in that way the server is pretty anarchy oriented.

Use daily kit to get one bedrock per day. Save them up to protect your chests in a small cube. you can set one of your two homes inside, so only you will be able to access your chests. If you dont want to use the bedrock you can sell it in the adminshop and use the money to buy enchantments for your armor and weapons.

PvP and raiding is obviously allowed, only rules: be civil and dont hack

If you like the experience of vanilla minecraft but want to play with your friends or other online players, this might be the right server for you. The world was just created a few days ago, so theres a lot left to explore and theres a high chance you will find some safe hidden areas to build.

theres also regular events where you can earn some extra money or items. but at the core, the idea is to keep the playing experience very vanilla oriented. so i get this might not be interesting for everyone, but its definetely not easy to find a good server like this if you want to.

i hope you like what you've read and join, ive made this server just how i would like to enjoy minecraft.

~~ Deutsch ~~

der Server ist grundsätzlich ein deutscher Server mit einem deutschen admin team. der chat ist aber international ausgelegt, die chat sprache also englisch. Deutsche user können natürlich trotzdem gerne dem Server beitreten und spielen. um jedoch den chat einheitlich zu halten wird darum gebeten, das chatten auf deutsch auf ein minimum zu reduzieren. 

Server standort ist jedoch trotzdem deutschland, die verbindung stellt also keinerlei probleme dar, daher viel spaß beim spielen.


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