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PixliesEarth Reloaded!
Welcome to Pixliesearth, we are yet another geopolitical faction server. Meaning that we have some different rules than other faction servers. For example you can’t just enemy another faction unless it’s for a war. How to start a war you ask? On our discord you will find a war justification list. If you have a good reason you can request a cb (casus belli), by posting proof in the cb-request channel on discord. If granted, you can start a war as long as you have staff to oversee said war. War rules are also found in the discord. But if diplomacy politics or wars don’t interest you, we have a plugin for you called slimefun. It adds electricity, basic machines, digital miners, programmable farmers, short everything that other players would install a mod for. (btw slimefun items can make you a lot of money) No political sandbox without weapons. That’s why we installed a plugin that adds cool guns like AK47, remingtons, homing rpg launchers, barettas and many more. Every player starts with 4000$ ingame cash. You can increase this balance by selling items with /sell hand (psst carrots are best) or trade with other players via our auction house. BUT we have a currency plugin which allows you to make your own currency. It determines the exchange rate based on the activity of your economy. From the beginning every player has 100 power. This basically means that you can claim 100 chunks. With every member your faction gets, this power increases. So a faction with 25 people could claim exactly 2500 chunks. Our community is always friendly, we hear closesly to your feedback and try to give everyone the best experience possible.

Our discord code is: 3zXysKF


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