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Survival, PVP, Freebuild, Keine Plugins (Vanilla)


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Welcome to the Purple Prison!
We are a prison guard. In our server you start as a new inmate and by mining you get more money. With this money you can reach a new rank and unlock a new mine and a new kit! With each rank, it's getting harder and harder to reach a rank, but do not worry, with mining you can not only make money on our server! You can also open your own player shop and sell it to other players to hopefully make a fortune! You can also buy and sell items with our auction plugin.
We offer boxes for everyone, not just those who buy them. For example, you will receive a box every time you step up to our server and a box when you vote for our server. We believe that this improves the gameplay and highlights our server.

You can also create your own custom chart on our server. This can be done in our diagram world. We encourage everyone to create a fantastic diagram. We also have a custom chart rating system that allows you to rate your chart and other players' charts in the competition for the highest rated lot on the server!
Our server offers a lot of PvP with custom enchanted items with plugins we've developed to reduce the PvP experience. With other players you can fight with our gangs plugin or start a gang. We also offer a shop where you can buy and sell things for your property and help you master the PvP.
Everyone is welcome on our server, and we have many great Youtubers who have played here, including Pewdiepie himself! He played in the stream!
Other features of our server include Coinflip and our custom and unique Itemflip plugin. With these plugins, you can use your play money and possibly win money and items from other players. We also offer ranks that can be bought in our server store and that contain things like kits, nicknames in the chat, hats and some other cool stuff.


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